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Microblading eyebrows

Incl. 1 treatment after 4-8 weeks


Colour refreshment

Within 18 month after the last treatment


What is Microblading

Microblading is an alternative method for ordinary permanent makeup . The difference is that with Microblading there is no machine used. The color is manually pigmented in the skin. The line is so fine that it is hard to distinguish from the real hairs.


What should be considered before the treatment ?

  • Please dont use one day before the treatment products containing oil on the eyebrows .
  • 4-5 hours before treatment coffee should be avoided , as this enhances the bloodstream .
  • Please dont take 24H before the treatment aspirin or antibiotics .

Advantages with this method

  • No unexpected color changes.
  • The drawn hairs dont wide / stretch out with time .
  • Individual and type-specific eyebrows
  • Natural looking result
  • There is no swelling or scars .

When should Microblading not be made ?

  • During pregnancy
  • Problems with thyroid.
  • Diabetics
  • While taking antibiotics or blood thinners .